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Are You Now / Will You Be Using Central’s (Lake Forest’s) Smug Mug in 2019?

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Are You Now / Will You Be Using Central’s (Lake Forest’s) Smug Mug in 2019?

January 1 @ 8:00 am - December 31 @ 11:30 pm

  • Check If Your Guests Are Missing A Download Button For Your Galleries ?

  • Check if Your Guests Can’t Download Hi-Res Images From Your Galleries ?

( All screen shots provided by James Chen, PICS Leader, Aliso Viejo Campus )

For Central’s Smug Mug, you don’t automatically get a Download Button nor can your Guests download original, hi-res images for enlarged prints.  But, if you take the few extra steps below when creating your new Galleries, your Campus Smug Mug Guests will have a much nicer experience:

#1   Sign in to Smug Mug by using the ASSISTANT User ID and Password (Ask your Campus PICS Leader for needed URL, User ID, and Password.) Then, on the Top-Left corner of the screen click Organize    

#2   Once the ORGANIZE SITE green bar shows up and you’ve highlighted – at extreme left – desired Campus parent folder (here illustrated: Aliso Viejo’s > Special Events Folder > 2018  Special Events), click Create   

#3   Then click Gallery   

#4   Create Gallery screen pops up. On BASIC, input Title (of the new gallery) and give a Description (as needed)   

#5   Then jump to QUICK SETTINGS on the lower-left of the screen and click. Then, click the tiny Arrow by the side of None (right side) of drop down menu to select “PICS Default.”  Click.   

#6   The screen then changes to include a Green Box on the right side of the screen.   

#7   Click the Green Box      and the screen will change showing Download Button and Original resolution required.  Then, click CREATE to finish the Gallery creation.

#8   The screen now changes back to ORGANIZE SITE. Click DONE on the Right Top to complete the process.   

#9   Optionally now, double click to open the new Gallery for photos UPLOAD.   


January 1 @ 8:00 am
December 31 @ 11:30 pm
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